My Favorite Travel Outfit

May 8, 2017
Bonnie sits on a chair in the airport. Her travel outfit is made up of an olive green and white striped tank with a camel colored jacket, black jeans, floral patterned ballet flats, and is holding a back and white Kate Spade tote bag.

When I travel I seem to have absolutely no trouble filling my suitcase with pretty dresses, cute shoes, and probably way too many accessories. For the longest time the only outfit I seemed to have trouble planning was the one I was going to travel in! Luckily, I figured out exactly what pieces of my wardrobe make up my favorite travel outfit and I am so excited to share that with all of you!

  1. A Light Sweater or Jacket

I get cold easily so this item is a must for me! Plane rides always seem to be really hot or absolutely freezing so it’s great to have an extra layer that I can remove if needed. I also like that by wearing a cute outer layer I can sneak an extra clothing item on my trip that wouldn’t have ordinarily fit into my usually much, much too full suitcase! My sister bought mine at a boutique in Paris, but this one is really similar and it comes in several different colors.

  1. A Comfy Shirt

Under the sweater I usually wear a flowy shirt that I feel really comfortable in- there’s nothing worse than having to fidget with your shirt the entire plane ride. I think this one is absolutely perfect for any travel because it’s versatile and can be worn with a completely different look later in your trip (ps it’s on sale!). I also love that it’s striped so it hides any potential spills or stains that might come about during my trip more easily than a solid colored shirt would.

  1. Jeans

I always, always wear jeans when I travel. I hate having bare legs when I’m sitting on a plane or in an airport so I try to choose my most comfortable pair and wear those. These are from Loft and I think they’re great! I would choose a classic pair of jeans to travel in over skirts, shorts, or leggings any day.

  1. Ballet Flats

I pretty much wear ballet flats about 90% of my life and my travel outfit is no different! Ballet flats are great for travel because I like to have my toes covered in busy airports and they’re really easy to walk in (or awkwardly run through the airport in if you happen to be running late). I especially love the flats I’m wearing in this picture because they’re really comfortable and they’re floral patterned!

  1. Cute Tote Bag

I prefer to use a cute tote bag as my carry on instead of something like a backpack or a duffel bag. I really love this Kate Spade tote because the pattern can go with almost anything and it’s big enough that it fits my purse and any other carry-on essentials. Kate Spade doesn’t have mine in stock anymore, but this one and this one are really similar and would be perfect for travel! These are all staple items that every girl has in her wardrobe, so it’s all about mixing and matching the right clothes that will make you feel comfortable and stylish on your journey. Hopefully this has made planning your next travel outfit much easier and now you can focus on the fun you’ll have when you actually reach your destination! Happy travels!